If you wish to enter your child or yourself into an exam please send us a message to confirm by the date specified in the text you received from us. Please also provide us with information required to enter the exam below.

  • Full name you wish to appear on the certificate.
  • Any learning needs or learning disabilities your child or you might have.
  • Inconvenient dates to sit the exam for live practical exam students only

For Rock School of Music recorded exams please let us know if you wish to enter by Saturday 6th of May. Exams need to be paid by the 30th of May.

Exam fees can be paid via our website or Bank Transfer to the schools’ account.

  Link to pay below


PRICES for all instruments

*Please note violin, saxophone flute and singing students require additional charge of €20 for piano accopmaniment on the day of the exam, and will require practise class with piano accompaniment before the exam which also costs €20.

Royal Irish Academy of Music practical exams

Elementary €42

Preliminary €42

Primary €42

Grade 1 €59

Grade 2 €68

Grade 3 €74

Grade 4 €83

Grade 5 €83

Grade 6 €95

Grade 7 €98

Grade 8 €106

Senior Certificate €145

Royal Irish Academy of Music theory exams

Preparatory €33

Grade 1 €38

Grade 2 €38 

Grade 3 €45

Rock School of Music practical exams

Premiere €71

Debut €74

Grade 1 €81

Grade 2 €88

Grade 3 €93

Grade 4 €102

Grade 5 €112

Grade 6 €117

Grade 7 €132

Grade 8 €144