The purpose of the Music Medals series is to introduce young children to the world of music striking the perfect balance between fun and learning to enhance their educational skills and nurture a lifelong love of music.

The Music Medals series aims to promote diversity in music education and inspire boys and girls of all races, backgrounds and abilities to learn and pursue their dreams. Children are introduced to musical styles of many different cultures from various male and female composers spanning the different eras.

Music Medals teachers are trained to respond to the educational needs of all children and adjust their teaching techniques and learning environment accordingly. This approach promotes inclusive education for all learners to best achieve their potential.

Musical skills encompassed in the Music Medals program 

  • Music notation

  • Singing in tune

  • Introduction to Piano, Xylophone, and Ukulele

  • Rhythm Clapping

  • Instrument Knowledge

  • Composers knowledge

Educational skills encompassed in the Music Medals program

  • Reading and writing

  • Mathematics

  • Logical thinking

  • Attention Skills

  • Motor Skills

  • Personal and Social Skills 

The Music Medals workbook used by students in class is supported by Music Games designed to develop aural, rhythmic, and musicianship skills such as:-

  • Musical imagination
  • Musical improvisation
  • Sense of beat
  • Rhythmic skills
  • Musical direction and instrument techniques
  • Understanding of slow and fast tempos
  • Understanding of major and minor tonality
  • Ability to stop and pause while performing a music piece
  • Ability to distinguish sounds of instruments of the same orchestra family e.g violin and cello

At the end of the term, Keys & Strings teacher’s advise if a student is ready to move on to more advanced classes. We also celebrate with medals and certificates for all participants!

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