Little Rockmans classes are designed for young children who want to learn ukulele and drums in a fun and sociable environment as well as to develop a love and passion for music.

Ukulele is a perfect instrument for students who wish to take up the guitar in the future. The principle of playing ukulele and guitar is the same, however ukulele is a small and light instrument, and has less strings than a guitar which makes it much easier for young children to play. 

Drums help young students build and develop a strong sense of rhythm which is the foundation of learning percussion instruments and music in general. In the Little Rockmans classes, students play well-known and fun pop songs as well as nursery rhymes.

There is a maximum of three children per class in the Little Rockmans Classes, in order to ensure high quality of learning and participation.


Instrumental Skills encompassed in Little Rockmans classes

  • General knowledge and structure of drums and ukulele
  • Correct sitting posture 
  • Hand position and coordination 
  • Music notation
  • Rhythm 

Musical Skills encompassed in Little Rockmans classes

  • Recognizing high and low sounds
  • Recognizing loud and soft sounds
  • Understanding of slow and fast tempos
  • Musical imagination
  • Musical improvisation

At the end of the term, Keys & Strings teacher’s advise if a student is ready to move on to individual classes. We also celebrate with certificates for all participants!

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