Terms & Conditions

1. One-to-one instrumental lessons for beginners up to grade 8 level are of 30 minutes duration. Lessons also include elements of music theory and aural training.

2. Music Medals classes are organised in a group of up to a maximum of 4 children. The length of the class depends on the number of students.

Two to three children – 30 minutes.

Four children – 40 minutes.

3. Little Rockman and Little Mozarts classes are organised in groups of minimum 2 children, and up to a maximum of 4 children and are of 30 minutes duration.

4. All group classes and all one-to-one instrumental classes are paid per term only. Payments can be made via bank transfer or our website (easypayments plus).

5. A deposit must be paid in advance to secure a time slot in the school. The deposit is fully refundable provided notice is specified on time. Please note the deposit is a separate fee. It is not a part of a term fee.

Please see below notice required for each term below;

Term 2 (April 2024) notice to be specified by the 1st of April 2024.

Term 3 (August 2024) notice to be specified by the 29th of July 2024.

Term 1 (January 2024) notice TBC.

6. The deposit is non-refundable if a student fails to pay and take part in the term.

7. Once you sign up for a term, it has to be paid in full whether classes are taken or not. Missed classes will only be made up in exceptional circumstances such as prolonged sickness for more than 4 weeks once doctors’ certificate is provided. Term fees as well as the Summer Camps fees once paid are non refundable.  

8. If a teacher is not able to teach from the school premises, or the school cannot physically open for any reason, the school will arrange online classes or provide a substitute teacher. If the school cannot provide an online class or a substitute teacher, then the class will be rearranged to another day. Students aged 5-13 can do online classes from the school only if their parent/guardian is present in the classroom. Otherwise, the have to do the online class from their home. 

9. In the event of a student not being able to play an instrument as a result of an injury e.g. broken arm.  Theory and aural test classes will be provided.

9. If a student is late for a lesson, the remainder of the half-hour lesson will be completed.

10. Teachers can only be contacted through the school’s managers. We would kindly ask not to request the teacher’s private phone number, email address and social media information.

11. Children must remain in the waiting room until a parent/guardian has arrived to collect them. Children aged 3 to 6 will remain in their teachers’ rooms until their nominated parent/guardian has collected them.

12. The tutor will determine a student’s suitability for an exam application based on practice and performance.

13. Students who wish to sit/record RIAM, LCM, and RGT exams in a Keys and Strings School of Music must pay the exam fee in advance. The fee for the exam is only refundable if a sickness certificate from a doctor is provided.

14. The allocated slot for an exam cannot be changed.

15. Only Keys & Strings students can sit exams in a Keys & Strings School. Students, who for any reason, cease their classes before the exam date will not be eligible to sit/record the exam in Keys & Strings School of Music.

16. In case of unforeseen circumstances (including pandemic) where the school can not provide classes on their premises, the tuition for individual students will be carried out online via Skype or Zoom. Students who attend Music Medals classes will receive video tutorials.

17. Gift vouchers are not transferable and must be used for tuition in Keys & Strings School of Music.

No change or refund will be given if the full value is not used. One- to -one class and group classes must be taken consecutively. All Gift vouchers are valid for one year only.

18. Student’s personal information is stored securely and will only ever be used to contact students or parents regarding their own lessons. Upon leaving the school your personal data will be kept in the school’s database for a maximum of 2 years.

19. Keys & Strings School of Music operates a strict anti-bullying policy.

20. Keys & Strings School of Music teachers are Garda vetted and completed the Child’s First legislation course. The school fully complies with its statutory obligations under the Children First Act 2015 and other relevant legislation relating to the protection and welfare of children.