bandz ages 7-12

Become a member of a band this summer & master hits from the current charts!


BANDZ camps have been successfully running in Keys & Strings in the last 5 years. The camps are an amazing opportunity for children to become a member of a band and use their instrumental and singing skills to perform popular music with their peers. In the camp our instructors focus on teaching and nurturing the ability to work in a team and collaborate with other musicians. BANDZ camps are a great opportunity for children to relax and enjoy music with their friends in the summer months, and motivate them to continue to learn and appreciate music in the future. 

In the camp children also participate in fun music challenges, quizzes and games. Our instructors introduce kids to a variety of music styles including pop, rock, R&B and music from musicals. 

In the BANDZ camp there is a maximum of 7 children per group to ensure fun and high quality learning experience. The camps run from 12 pm to 3 pm Monday to Friday. Our fully qualified instructors are trained and have vast experience in teaching children aged 7 to 12.      


Camp activities include 

  • Rehearsing and performing music 

  • Song writing 

  • Learning how to work in a band

  • Learning new instruments/singing 
  • Designing band and concert posters  

  • Recording videos 

  • Band photoshoot
  • Music challenges and games

Skills encompassed in the BANDZ camp

  • Musical and instrumental skills

  • Team & Confidence skills

  • Performing skills
  • Collaboration and Communication skills
  • Creativity skills

  • Patience and resilience skills

  • Stamina and dedication skills 

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