Online classes

Online classes have many benefits! Please read some of them below.

1. CONSISTENCY. The key to learning an instrument/singing is consistency. Therefore, it is very important to continue tuition and practice!

2. ACCESSIBILITY. You can access your class from wherever you are.

3. MATERIALS. You will be provided with all the required materials for your instrumental, as well as music theory classes via email.

4. EXAMS. We will provide you with the accompaniment for your exam as well as assistance in recording and submitting your work to the exam boards.

5. PRACTICE HELP. You can contact your teacher via Zoom or Skype, Monday to Friday to ask for advice/help with practicing.

6. QUALITY. We provide high-quality and structured classes. Our teachers are qualified to third level in music.

7. VIDEO TUTORIALS. We will send you video tutorials to further enhance your learning.

8. TUNING. We will assist you in tuning your instrument.