Ramona began to play classical piano and percussion from the age of seven in a full-time music school in Romania. Throughout her music education, Ramona covered various music disciplines like music history, music theory, counterpoint, composition, harmony, chamber music and ensemble. She had graduated from Music and Arts College with a Diploma in piano, percussion and music theory teaching.

As a teenager and a young adult, Ramona regularly performed in many national classical recitals, competitions and she has also been part of pop/rock bands for several years.

Ramona holds a BA Degree in Early Years Education from London Metropolitan University. During her years in college, she researched how to incorporate music in the Early Years Education and the benefits of music education from an early stage in every child’s life from a holistic point of view of their learning and development.

Ramona also has a Diploma in Instrumental Teaching (RIAM) and a Certificate in Child Psychology (National College of Ireland).

Ramona is teaching one to one and group music classes for many years now and she is very familiar with preparing her students for recitals, competitions and for the RIAM and LCM examinations. Her students have a proven record of achieving great results along the years while she understands the importance of adapting her classes to each student’s needs.

Ramona has a passion for teaching music while she enjoys sharing her knowledge, experience and love for music with all her students.