MUSIC & Art ages 3-6

The perfect camp for young children who love art and want to learn how to sing, play, and dance to fun & popular music. 


Music & Art summer camp has been very much enjoyed by young children in Keys & Strings in the last 5 years. The camp is an amazing opportunity for children to understand the concept of making percussion instruments and create their own maracas, hand drums and music shakers. This year we added extra art activities to the Music & Art camp such as Balloon Pop & Painting, making Dreamcatchers, Puppets and more. 

In the camp Keys & Strings teachers introduce children to fun music challenges, songs and games which they enjoy participating in with their friends. 

In the Music & Art camp there is a maximum of 5 children per group to ensure fun and high quality learning experience. The camps run from 9.30 am to 11.30 am Monday to Friday. Our fully qualified instructors are trained and have vast experience in teaching children aged 3 to 6.      


Camp activities include 

  • Musical Arts & Crafts

  • Making and decorating musical instruments

  • Balloon activities

  • Making fun toys and decorations 

  • Learning about musical instruments and notes 

  • Singing and playing children’s songs 
  • Music challenges and games

Skills encompassed in the Music & Art camp

  • Musical skills such as listening and singing

  • Art skills

  • Logical thinking

  • Attention Skills

  • Motor Skills

  • Personal and Social Skills 

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